Whether you’re joining a gym for the first time or getting back into the routine, you will quickly become part of our fit and healthy programs.

- 14 Day Fat Furnace (Shred pounds within 14 Days!)

- 16 Day Sexy Slim Down ( Start getting to the new and improved you) $29.99

- 21 Rapid Fat Loss ( Work on your core and decrease weight)

- 28 Day Flat Belly Program ( Want to target your abs, let us show you how to get a flat belly in 28 days!)

(One of our fitness associates will contact you 24-48 hours after purchase, please be patient.)

No Gym, No Problem!

We understand that sometimes you really don't have the time to make it to the gym.  Work, Chores, And Family definitely comes first.  So we can come to you!  If you live in a complex that has a gym facility or you have your own workout equipment, one of our professionals can train you in the comfort of your own home or neighborhood! Call to set up a Fitness Orientation to see how we can get you to the "New You", without you even leaving your house.

MDK Fit Perks is our incentive of saying "Thank You"! Our members receive a free week of their choosing once they enroll with us! We don't begin with our clients the first week they sign up. We give them a week to get all the junk food and activity out their system, because once it's time to train, it's just that, time to train. Commitment, healthy eating, proper rest, and 100% focus on their goals. So we send them on a vacation before we get to work! ( Travel Not Included)

Fit Perks Villas & Town Center - Orlando

Fit Perks Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Fit Perks City Resort & Spa

Fit Perks Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa- Gatlinburg

Fit Perks Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort

Try Our One On One Personal Training Programs!  Programs come with the following:

  • Monthly Fitness Evaluation
  • One On One Personal Training
  • Weekly Nutrition/Food Tips
  • Daily Workout Reminder
  • Accountability
  • Body Mass Index Testing
  • Skin Fold Measurements
  • Plus More!

Pick one of our programs below to see which program will be beneficial for you!

Ask about our special MDK Fitness Center staff about One On One new membership offers, guest passes, referral programs, and couples and family plans. Come by for a complimentary workout.  Call 954-647-6673 for more details.

Some restrictions apply. Ask an MDK Fitness Center representative for details on our 24 Hour Customer Care Line at
1-855-287-2258 Extension 6

One of our clients by the name of Kelly has found her way along her fitness journey. With the right training and nutrition, she is making great changes!

Quiana making some fantastic results! She was determined to tone up, so we just had to fix a couple of kinks. She went from wearing to short shirts, covering up her arms, too showing off the new definition of her! Stomach flatter and arms more defined! It's not a easy journey, but what journey is? Consistency is key..

It took Avery a little over 18 weeks to drop over 87 lbs!! With our guidance and push, she did it and still consistently improving!

Dr.Michael Dundr, one of our most dedicated clients. From eating right and proper training, he is definitely shaping up! So far, so good, but stay tuned for more transformation from this guy!

Amanda, who works with our Fit Perks Team also knows the benefit of staying fit and eating healthy. She made awesome transformation progress with help from our Body Transformation Expert and has amazing results!

Dedicated to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Our "Fit Star" Tina, knows the importance of working out consistently and eating right. No wonder she continues to progress along her fitness journey with us.

Can we say this one word together "FOCUSED". Nikki lost over 80 lbs with proper exercise and nutrition. No matter what mood she is in, she makes it a point to get in her sessions with her trainer here at MDK Fitness Center and target her goals. It's not what you do when you work out, it's the consistency of your workout.

Body Transformation Expert Marche', not only teach others on how to change their lifestyle to a healthier and fit life. He practices it as well! Going from 198 lbs to 227 lbs, with a body fat percentage of 16%!